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"David was great to work with ! He took the stress out of home buying . Being self employed for so long we were afraid that being homeowners again would not be possible. I would recommend him to anyone looking to obtain a mortgage loan, especially if you have special circumstances !! His realtor referall, Justin is equally AMAZING ! Great team !!"
Merry M.

"Dave has been amazing to work with. From the start he always had our best interest in mind and was giving us advice along the way so that we made the best possible decision."
Frank H. - Goodyear, AZ

"Exceptionally efficient, David Morkunas delivers a stellar customer service experience and expertly guides potential home buyers through a very complex process in a seemingly effortless manner. Initially, my husband and I were using Desert Schools as our lender, but our realtors were having a difficult time getting in touch with our loan officer. They suggested we consider finding a new lender, since with home buying, timing is everything. This was the best advice anyone could have given us, because it led us to a game-changing experience with a reliable, easily accessible, experienced and efficient loan officer, David Morkunas. David gave us so many great tips and ideas, knowing that at our price point, we were having to compete with a lot of other home buyers. One thing he suggested was offering a 2-week closing date, because that could show how motivated and serious we were. 'Can you really make that happen?' I asked, bewildered. Assuring us he could, he also suggested including a letter with our offer, specifically outlining details we loved about any home we were interested in purchasing, pointing out that to many sellers, it's more than just monetary. He explained that most home owners take a lot of pride in their homes, and because they spend a lot of time and energy to make their home special, the sales process becomes personal. After looking at the MLS photos, David noted the seller appeared to have put a lot of work into the home, pointing out many custom details such as shelving in the garage, a refurbished office, upgraded tile etc. Of course we noticed the upgrades, which is why this home stood out to us, but we failed to see how acknowledging and mentioning this to the seller might help set our offer apart from others. We followed his advice, and even though several other people, like us, made full-price offers, ours was luckily accepted. Later, after moving into our new home, we met our neighbors who were eager to meet the teacher and graphic designer who would be working at the great desk the previous homeowner built in the refurbished home office. 'You know, he (seller) did all that custom work over there himself. He was quite a carpenter' the neighbors shared. I thought it was a little odd that people I never met knew what my husband and I did for a living. That's when it dawned on me! The seller must have read and been swayed by our letter, since they had obviously talked to their neighbors about the new homeowners! Now I know that because of David's advice, coupled with his efficient ability to quickly close our loan with his proactive responsiveness (he answered calls day or night, even on Sundays) my husband and I were able to realize our dream of homeownership. Not only did he make the whole process easy, he also attended to every detail with precision . David didn't have to give us all the extra advice, but he did, and that's because he truly cares about his clients. It's evident that he genuinely wants to help people make their dreams come true, and I would highly recommend David without any reservation. Thank you David!"
Amie P.

"Jeff Pabustan was awesome! He made sure I understood what I needed to do and the terms of the loan. Thank you so much!"
Cindy N. - Phoenix, AZ

"Jeff was amazing!!! He helped us close on time, anticipated what we would need and communicated effectively. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to buy or refinance their home."
Kathy A., Sun City, AZ

"The two Jeff's and David who worked with us through some difficult hurdles. They were always helpful and explained things completely. We are very thankful for their determination and devotion to completing all tasks. Thank you"
Daniel B., Phoenix, AZ

"Jeff Pabustan made our home buying experience amazing! Jeff ensured we were updated every step of the way and anticipated questions we had. The process was very smooth. It’s stressful buying a home and Jeff’s customer service made things worry free with the lending. We appreciated him so much!!!!"
Scott B., Peoria, AZ

"Thank you VERY MUCH David!!! You are awesome and we couldn't be happier with how you did business with us!!! I guarantee I will be sending anyone and everyone your way!!!! The electricity is not on yet, but it's tiny compared to what we all just accomplished!! We are so excited to be homeowners again :) Thank you VERY MUCH!!! You are the man!!!!!"
Rick and Stacy T., Goodyear, AZ

"David was extremely professional, proactive, and a fantastic communicator. I felt at ease and protected the whole time. I have never had an experience as good as this purchasing a home. I would highly recommend David to everyone who wants to purchase a home...he has their best interest at heart and is an expert in the field."
Justin L., Phoenix, AZ

"We had worked with three prior loan companies, all were telling me I had to jump thru hoops and then left me hanging! David jumped thru hoops with us and got our loan done!!"
Toni & Andrew N., Surprise, AZ